Photo by Michelle Webster MacPherson

Artistic Statement

I collaborate with choreographers, directors, and other designers to enlighten the stories told in dance and theatre.  As I sculpt a space with light and shadow, I support the stories as they come alive.


As a Denver native, I have cultivated my love for theatre and dance production throughout the Front Range and Western Slope regions of Colorado. I started off learning lighting design working with Phamaly Theatre Company, while continuing my own production work in high school. From there I moved on to earn my BA in Theatre Arts (Design/Technology) with a minor in Dance from Colorado Mesa University (CMU).

I joined the production team of the American Dance Festival in 2014 as a production intern. The following year I earned the position of Master Electrician, coordinating the lighting for eight separate productions across eight weeks of the festival. I joined the staff of the PACE Center in Parker, Colorado shortly after graduating from CMU. I worked my way from a Stagehand to the Master Electrician, with regular opportunities to design musical theatre productions.

When I wasn’t working at the PACE Center, I worked as a freelance lighting designer and production stage manager. I found myself working with companies such as Ballet X, Vail Dance Festival, Wonderbound Dance Company, Colorado Conservatory of Dance, and Zikr Dance Ensemble.

I am constantly working to grow my knowledge of the industry and am now working towards a Master’s degree in Arts Leadership and Cultural Management from Colorado State University. I am excited to see how the arts community will grow and change in the ever expanding Denver Metro area.

Personal Recommendations

Jenna Wadleigh-Production Stage Manager

“My name is Jenna Wadleigh, I am currently the Production Stage Manager for the School of Dance at the University of Utah. I am writing on behalf of one of my very close friends and colleagues in the performing arts, Jenna Gragg. Over the years I’ve known Jenna, each of them was spent in professional collaboration and partnership on multiple live theatre and dance performances. I have and will always hold her in the highest regard for her diligence, expertise, and pure talent. Jenna Gragg is a remarkable designer, friend, and leader. I’ve known her to fit seamlessly into any role she takes on; she has a drive for excellence in everything she does. This has made her a powerful and respectable asset to any team, and has also caused her to produce notable and incredible work that sets her apart. I’ve worked alongside her on productions as a peer, member of the creative staff, management staff, and we’ve also simply been stagehands together.

Our close relationship grew for many reasons; but I also attribute it to Jenna’s synergetic and kind nature, her coolness under pressure, and her creativity. Myself and other colleagues refer to Jenna for her advice and knowledge, and respect her input on matters within her own field of theatre as well as others. Likewise, she is teachable and versatile and has an un-quenching desire to learn new things. I have seen her ability to adjust and ‘roll with the punches’ as well as anyone else or better, and take the lead with grace and humility. Jenna is naturally organized and efficient, as well as a natural artist. She possesses a keen eye for detail in aesthetics onstage, in equal measure for her detail of logistics and preplanning. She is positive, proactive, and understands how to fully realize a project or production. In her professional career so far, she may the single most well-rounded designer and collaborators I’ve ever met.

In addition to all these qualities, Jenna is an extremely capable home cook and baker. She is a fantastically talented dancer as well! Jenna is a joy and dream to work with, and I would gladly join her again on any project at any capacity. I recommend this phenomenal woman without hesitation.”

Joey demers-Actor

“Jenna is capable of navigating technical work with a deft hand, creative eye, and a warm and inviting personality that also knows when it’s time to crack the whip and get to work. I took note of all of these qualities and more as Jenna was my stage manager in a production of Once Upon a Mattress. Jenna was concise in direction and organized in prowess. As this was early on in my undergrad career, any nerves I may have had were always alleviated by Jenna’s patience and guidance. All of the directors Jenna worked alongside were always extremely trusting of her capabilities. “

“I cannot finish without bringing to light the fact that Jenna is also a performer herself. Jenna’s minor in dance should only increase her value in the job market. She is a polished and graceful athlete when it comes to dance. As a performer myself, I value the synergetic insight Jenna boasts in combining her perspectives from on and off the stage. As such, Jenna not only understands performers but is capable of developing healthy and familial communication. She bolsters strong creative energy and has made for some stunning lighting designs for musicals and dance performances. “